In The Midst Of A Scream (1993)


Two song promo cassette.

1. In The Midst Of A Scream
2. Death Before Life

The Cracked Mirror (1995)


Seven track EP. Five studio recordings and two live songs recorded at the Station Hotel, Canberra.

1. IT Lyrics
2. Tonight Lyrics
3. The Cracked Mirror Lyrics
4. Spit Lyrics
5. Sanctuary Lyrics
6. Nightmares (Live) Lyrics
7. The Cracked Mirror (Live) Lyrics


Where The Darkness Screams (1998)


A four song EP, “Where The Darkness Screams” is a collaboration between S.D. Harris (a great musician and song writer) and Legion (who provided the lyrics and vocals).

A little different from the usual DRAXSEN style, we expect fans will love this EP.

1. Beware The Monsters Lyrics
2. PhD Pain Lyrics
3. Sorrow Lyrics
4. Where The Darkness Screams Lyrics


Chronic Pain (2008)


A four song EP, recorded at DRAXSEN Studios.

Legion endured a long and painful recovery process. The quality and mood of the tracks reflect the state of well being Legion was in at the time…

1. Chronic Pain Lyrics
2. The Fearsome Flyer Lyrics
3. Your Lyrics
4. Grieving Lyrics


Vicious Felony (2009)


“Vicious Felony” was recorded in 2009. It came on the back of a very dark period for Legion. Addicted to prescription drugs and a stay in a mental health unit was the sum of this project. It’s said in the way of the classics, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!


100% Pain (2010)


Still reeling from PAIN and anger over the health system, “100% Pain” picks up where Vicious Felony finished.

Stand Out Tracks…

  • In The Dark
  • True Grit
  • She Lied
  • 100% Pain


Terrortory (2011)


“Terrortory” is a strange beast. It has taken 20 years to see the light of day. A project that began with Peter and Legion way back in 1993 – a mission that never left Legion’s mind. This has been his dream for many years. Every metal-head wants to record their own Rock Opera. So Following the steps of the great ones, Kiss (The Elder), Iron Maiden (Seventh Son), The Who (Tommy) and WASP (Crimson Idol) just to name a few. The three main characters are The King, The Monk and the Beast (IT).

1. Terrortory Overture Lyrics
2. Bury The Past Lyrics
3. Nightmares Lyrics
4. Communication Lyrics
5. Enter The Rose Lyrics
6. I.T. Lyrics
7. The Sermon Of The Rose Lyrics
8. Sanctuary Lyrics
9. Goodbye Lyrics
10. Terrortory Lyrics
11. Glory To The King Lyrics


Forbidden Passion (2012)


This album is a real change in terms of subject matter. The quality of recording is professional. Adding backing vocals and new recording techniques.

1. Electric Love Lyrics
2. Forbidden Passion Lyrics
3. My Sweetest Dream Lyrics
4. The Other Man Lyrics
5. I Still Dream Of You Lyrics
6. Are You An Angel Or A Dream Lyrics
7. Angel Lyrics
8. The Last Time Lyrics

Black Dog (2013)


The term Black Dog is a recognisable term used for suffers of depression the world over. Depression is a serious medical illness that effects hundreds of thousands of people the world over, many of which go diagnosed and suffer in silence and shame.

This album is aimed to raise awareness of Depression caused by chronic pain. It is the first album to be recorded away from Draxsen Studios since “The Cracked Mirror” in 1995, which was recorded at the infamous Zen Studios in Petersham, Sydney.

“Black Dog” was recorded at “Ears That Hear Studios” in Concord, Sydney under the watchful eye of Greg Piggot.

1. The Black Dog Lyrics
2. Malice Intent Lyrics
3. A Comic Invasion Lyrics
4. The Years Between Us Lyrics

Portrait (2016)


There is a lot to like about the new release from DRAXSEN. Plenty of great guitar riffs and vocals that are one of a kind.

The band’s resident drummer, Trommeslag the beast, never misses a beat. In the studio his nickname is one-take Tromma.

S.D. Harris is as awesome as he is methodical. He has not only had a hand in writing all of the tracks, he is also steering the ship when it comes to the final mix plus producing it as well.

There is a clear and distinct sound about DRAXSEN this time around and it will continue on into the new album and every album to follow.

1. 100% Pain Lyrics
2. When The Walls Come Down Lyrics
3. Portrait Lyrics
4. All For One Lyrics
5. It’s Called Love Lyrics

Train Of Frustration (2017)


DRAXSEN’s latest release has it’s own dedicated page.